Greta Anderson is still tweaking her new touring bike to get it just right.

She says so far the longest ride she’s done on it was 40 miles and it wasn’t super comfortable, but she’ll keep trying to dial it in.

The plan is use the bike for camping trips.

“We want to leave town to go camping without getting in the car,” she says.

As for riding around Tucson, Anderson, who is one of the original founders of the Tucson Bicycle Belles, says she loves how pleasant it is to ride around Tucson rather than being in a car battling traffic.

She also loves how many good people she meets on bicycles.

She says if she could improve anything for cyclists, she would create more car-free paths throughout the city.

She says she would also like to see more enforcement for motorists when they aren’t following the laws as they pertain to bikes.

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