Editor’s note: Irene gave birth to our son, Truman Gray McKisson at home this morning. Mom, dad, big sister and baby are well, but very tired. 

“It’s easier to ride my bike than to walk.”

Those are the words, Irene told me when she hopped on her bike to head to the grocery store on Sunday. In this photo, she was 5 days away from her due date and still hopping on her bike.

She is a bicycling rockstar.

11 thoughts on “Photo: Pregnant and pedaling”
  1. Congratulations and hope Mom and baby continue to do well.

    Not sure what’s more impressive, riding a bike at 39 weeks or giving birth at home…

  2. Okay, Tru, now that you’re here, are we going to see you at Kidical Mass this Saturday? Don’t give us that “I was just born!” line. You’re expected at this ride, kiddo. Drag your parents and big sister to it if you have to, but be there, mmm-kay?

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