More than 100 kids and adults turned out for Tucson’s second Kidical Mass on Saturday morning.

Families rode west on Third Street from Himmel Park toward the University of Arizona where the rider took a break and then returned to the park for Issabella’s Ice Cream and playing.

The event was put on by El Grupo Youth Cycling and Living Streets Alliance.

Check out photos from the ride below.

3 thoughts on “115 turn out for 2nd Kidical Mass”
  1. Let me start this comment by saying that I’ve never been married or had kids. Both are by choice, not by chance.

    Which means I’m not exactly in the target market for Kidical Mass.

    But I went to this ride, had a great time, and would very much like to go on another. It was a nice, laid-back ride with a bunch of great people. Hey, I even had a chance to practice my Spanish with one family. And what’s not to like about an opportunity to practice one’s Spanish?

    Great job, Living Streets Alliance. Great job.

  2. That’s nice.

    Is the Old Pueblo’s LSA doing anything to improve pavement quality and safety for all cyclists? Why no push from LSA to correct cyclist- and bike-killing potholes? And congestion. Hmmm. And why no media challenging of Living Streets Alliance?

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