Check out the video and images from the BMX jam at Barrio Trails on Saturday. The jam was organized by Rocky Serna who started the unofficial BMX park. Barrio trails is one of the only places in the city for BMX riders to try out their tricks.

4 thoughts on “Photos & video from Barrio Trails BMX jam”
  1. Hmmm…I imagine it's softer
    to land on when they miss.
    Or maybe they like to keep
    their tires clean. Probably
    cuts down on the erosion.
    I can't tell…is the carpet the
    new 'fall' colors?

  2. The carpet keeps moisture from evaporating which helps the soil get more compacted, it also keeps the tires from rutting out the trails and widens the impact foot print of the tires. When the dirt is finally packed in the carpet is removed and optimum grip and smoothness can enjoyed. It also keeps mud from flingin up in your face, but that is secondary.

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