Last week I got to join a few friends on a quick S24O organized by Duncan Benning of Transit Cycles. The quick camping trip to Catalina State Park was a good reminder to embrace the moment.

We met at the Rillito and Mountain Avenue last Wednesday evening. You may remember that Wednesday night was quite wet. We made a quick stop at REI and returned to Mountain and the Rillito to head up Via Entrada. By the time we made it back to Mountain Avenue, we were soaked and the rain didn’t seem like it was letting up.

I was an less than a quarter mile from my house and seriously considered throwing in the towel.

Fortunately I didn’t head home. The rain stopped by the time we reached Ina. We were wet, but happy.

It turned out to be a wonderful trip with good company, a warm fire and great conversation.

Here are a few more photos from the quick trip.






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  1. I had my first bike camping trip to Gilbert Ray campground in Tucson Mountain Park. We took mountain bikes and climbed Brown Mountain after dropping our bags. We ended with breakfast the next morning at Seis in Mercado San Augustin. It was a great quick trip.

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