With the temperature hovering around 17 degrees and the wind chill making it feel closer to 5 degrees according to my weather.com app, there were certainly a lot fewer people commuting by bike. It also seemed like there were a lot more cars on the road, especially on the way home.  Did you ride? Did you notice fewer people out riding?

I hung out at a few intersections to snap some photos of cyclists riding around the University of Arizona.

I didn’t find the commute to be too bad, but I did find the stopping to take photos and having to have my hands exposed to be very unfortunate.

Check out the larger photos and gallery photos below.

Some people were wearing shorts

3 thoughts on “Photos: Frozen commute”
  1. Oh, for pete’s sake, people. It’s cold weather, so you dress for it!

    I moved here from Pennsylvania, where cold-weather riding was a common thing. Matter of fact, the coldest ride I ever did was in Pittsburgh. Was pedaling over to a volunteer gig, and the temp was 9 degrees above zero. My glasses stuck to my forehead.

  2. Interesting that all these photos show up on your blog right above a bike-fitting workshop. It seems that about 80 percent of the people you picture are on bikes that are too small for them.

    Richest country in the world and we still ride bikes that don’t fit.

  3. I rode, though I seem to have misplaced my gloves. So I alternated hands in the pocket until I ate it over the handlebars on the way home at 10 PM. Bike fell out of gear. Time for a tune-up.

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