Geoscience graduate student Esther Posner braved the record-low temperatures on Thursday to attend class.

Posner, who moved here four months ago, says she had to remind herself that she is from Michigan several times on her ride in.

She says she pedaled to class because she doesn’t have a car and doesn’t want one because riding bikes is better for the environment, a healthier option and is cheaper too.

So far she has enjoyed riding around in Tucson. She has met people on bikes and has fallen in love with BICAS.

She says she lived in a rural town in Michigan so riding there was different because there wasn’t really traffic. So far, she says she hasn’t had any negative interactions with drivers in Tucson.

One thought on “Rider of the week: Michigan native says it’s cold here”
  1. Looks like a sensible commuter/util bike. Just drop panniers or whatever into baskets and go. As Gandi said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

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