The Rillito and Santa Cruz river paths are undergoing repair work, which is causing closures.

The work is starting at the section of the Rillito between Campbell and First Avenues. Here are a few photos from the path.

The Mountain Avenue bridge is closed heading north toward the paved part of the Rillito. Several cyclists and pedestrians climbed over the netting.
This is an example of the drainage scuppers that are being replaced.
The bridge on the Rillito path heading west before the Rillito Race Track was also closed, but the netting had been moved.

Repair crews were working on replacing the drainage scuppers.
Crews had a scupper torn up and were adding concrete to the drainage area.
3 thoughts on “Photos: Rillito River repair work”
  1. Thanks for the update. Do you know how long the path and bridge will be closed? Can you recommend an alternate route for a commute that goes from the foothills to the U of A? This closure is a drag!

  2. 454 people using the bridge daily according to the count? You might think the city would provide a detour route, you know, like they do for…
    The Campbell Ave. bridge looks like the shortest way around. Walk it if you’re not comfortable riding it.

  3. Watch out for at the North side of the River path at Campbell, around the blind corner it is blocked. Took my husband down yesterday and hard.

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