I love my kid. I’m positive she is way cooler than I ever was.

Yesterday after it rained, I tried to take Luci to the park because all of a sudden it was cool enough to do something outside.

She wasn’t having any of it. Why? Because she wanted to ride her bike and she especially wanted to ride her bike through the puddles.

I finally convinced her we should go to the park, but she would only agree if we took her bike with us.

When we got to the park, she went straight for the dirt.

As you can see, she takes this stuff seriously.

5 thoughts on “Photos: Tiny off-roader”
  1. You need that Google +1 button. I’d hit it like 1,000,000 times for this post.

  2. Way cool!

    You probably know this already, but a painless way to teach a child to ride a bike is to get them going on a 2 wheel scooter.  Because you put your foot down to go you have a sense that you won’t fall over.  In a couple days they are coasting while balancing on 2 wheels and then they’re ready for the bike. 

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