Luci and I rode our bike to the voting place today and we were not alone.

My neighbor John also rode his bike to vote.

What about you?

8 thoughts on “Photos: Voting by bicycle”
  1. Red Star mailed the early ballots of Red Star and Mrs Red Star very early in the a.m. Oct 11, at the Rosemont USPS Station, then proceeded east on Broadway. A nice early morning bike ride way, really way, out there and back home before the traffic crazies. According to Pima County Recorder’s website, the ballots are tracking properly and are submitted for tabulation.

    We shall see…

  2. Mailed mine in last week but will be riding bike today anyway instead of standing in the line 😀 my ballot is tracked as submitted and tabulated via recorder website.

  3. Rode over to Luz Academy this morning, tied up to the flagpole and voted there. Put the sticker on my helmet and pedaled off to work.

  4. I also pedalled over to Luz, but finding no bike racks, brought my bike in with me to vote. Both ladies up front asked me a bunch of questions about how they could get back into riding.

  5. I rode my bike to the local polling station, first thing in the am and walked there with my wife and sun in the evening! In the evening, there were at least 3 bikes at the station.

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