University of Arizona nutrition student Katie Koskela saw this old yellow bike sitting in a friend’s house.

She saw it, rode it and asked if she could have it. The owner let her take it.

She likes it because its yellow and “pretty vintage.” But, she says, it sometimes falls apart.

For Koskela, riding offer tons of benefits. It allows her to exercise, saves her money and allows her to enjoy the weather outdoors.

Overall she says Tucson is a good place to ride, but she wishes there weren’t so many potholes and the bikes lanes were smoother.


One thought on “Rider of the week: Reviving the vintage yellow bike”
  1. Kudos to Katie Koskela for keeping another old Schwinn (it is a Schwinn, right?) on the road! But please get an aftermarket chainguard or at least bashguard on that bike, or ride with different apparel, or find some other way to mitigate the whole “clothing got caught up in the chain and crank” and now I have too get my nutrition through a feeding tube thing.

    Here it is:

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