University of Arizona dance student, Michelle Costello doesn’t have a car here in Tucson and uses her bike to get around.

She bought the SE single speed at the beginning of last year and uses it to get to the UA from her home just off campus and to run small errands.

For grocery shopping trips, she says she usually bums a ride with friends or takes the UA’s Safe Ride service.

Michelle says that it can sometimes get too hot, but being from Boston, she likes that she can ride her bike year-round and she enjoys checking out the palm trees while she rides.

She says being sore after dance classes sometimes makes it challenging to ride.

Like many people featured as a Rider of the Week, if she could fix anything to improve riding around in Tucson, it would be the pavement quality.

Michelle says there are some places that are so bad that she has to curve into the travel lane to avoid potholes.

4 thoughts on “Rider of the Week: Riding dancer”
  1. …..has to curve into the travel lane to avoid potholes……..

    This should be Tucson’s undoing in its bid for platinim with the LAB. Conditions continue to deteriorate with the lack of lane and intersection sweeping and the city continues to not have our back by letting cars be aware that BIKES MAY USE FULL LANE in order to safely navigate the streets. Park Ave. is a disgrace and its intersection with Drachman is a ghetto.
    If I were king, all motorists would have to renew their driver’s licenses in 2012 via written test highlighting bicycle law and recent changes.

  2. Sweet! This post reminded me of a movie. 🙂

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