I received this email from the crew at BICAS:

Come show your support by showing up at BICAS this Sunday, April 18th at 5:45pm SHARP, SHARP, SHARP!!!

We will be taking a HUGE group photo with everyone who is a friend of BICAS and we want you, your friends, family and even your dog to be in it.

We are taking this photo to use for future publications and show all the awesome community support that BICAS has!

THE PHOTO WILL ONLY TAKE ABOUT 15 MIN. but you can stay longer if you like for the Tucson Bike Beautiful Event. Live music, art, games and more will ensue into the night.

Come for the photo stay for the fun.

Hope to see you at BICAS….. 44 West 6th St……. 520-628-7950….. www.bicas.org

Love, Peace and Bicycle Grease!


Your Friends at BICAS!

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