Hundreds of cyclists from around the world descended on downtown Tucson to race in the second annual Old Pueblo Grand Prix on Saturday.

Despite a slow start in registration, more than 370 racers rode this year — about a 20 percent increase over the 2011 race.

This year the event was part of the USA Crit Series and was streamed live online.

Here are the results from the pro races:

1. Issac Howe
2. Rahsaan Bahati
3. Luke Keough

1. Leah Kirchmann
2. Erica Allar
3. Colleen Gulick

Check out the photos from the race:

One thought on “Hundreds race in downtown Tucson’s 2nd Old Pueblo Grand Prix”
  1. Any from the kids race? Specifically of the kid in the black out front. Dad forgot camera and he’s in trouble.

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