Today is my birthday. I’m turning the big Three Oh.

Instead of attending the Tucson-Pima County Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting scheduled for tonight at 6 p.m., I am going to be spending the evening with my family and a few friends.

It will be the fist BAC meeting I’ve missed since I started this blog more than a year ago.

In case you are interested here is what they will be discussing:

1. Call to Order; Approval of January 2011 meeting minutes: 5 min.
2. Call to Public: 10 min.
3. Law Enforcement and Enforcement Subcommittee Reports: 15 min.
4. Living Streets Alliance: Emily Yetman: 15 min.
5. Coronado National Forest: mountain bike access: 10 min.
6. Tucson Echelon Challenge & Grand Fondo ride for Arizona: 10 min.
7. BAC Strategic Plan: 15 min.
8. Staff Reports: 15 min.
9. Subcommittee Reports: 20 min.
10. Announcements: 5 min.
11. Adjournment at 8:00 pm

The meeting is held at the Himmel Park Library and begins at 6 p.m.

2 thoughts on “It’s my birthday and I’ll skip the BAC meeting if I want to — but you should go”
  1. Happy birthday, kid!

    You do realize, don’t you, that the big Three Oh marks the beginning of your FOURTH decade…

  2. Happy belated birthday, Mike! At the BAC meeting last night:
    Ignacio talked about the Elvira Elementary School Bike Track and Martha Lemmen mentioned your great story in Tucson Velo.
    More Tucson Velo kudos from publisher of The Pedaler saying how you have new bike content every day on this site.
    WARNING TO GATES PASS CYCLISTS: Pima Co. Sheriff received letter from driver stating that “bikes will cause an accident” on this road, referring to cyclists east bound on Mile Wide, Kinney and over Gates Pass this past weekend. So there may be more enforcement on this road in the near future. In the past, however, it’s been the cars who receive tickets!
    Living Streets Alliance will be coordinating this year’s Cyclovia in Tucson.

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