Writer, photographer, speaker, bicycle advocate and former actor Willie Weir will be in Tucson speaking about the latest bicycling adventures from his book, Travels with Willie

Check out my Q&A with Weir.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what your presentations are like?

I’ve been a columnist for Adventure Cyclist magazine for the last 15 years. But before that I was an actor. I bring the same passion to my bike/travel presentations as I brought to my roles on stage.

How did you get into riding bikes?

Like most folks growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, I rode my bike to school. My buddy Thomas and I decided to bicycle across the country after we graduated from high school. At the time, I didn’t realize how much that trip would change my life. Seven years later, I was working in theater in Seattle and my family planned a reunion in upstate New York. Instead of flying or taking the bus, I pedaled out of my apartment, headed north up to Canada … and then pedaled 6,500 miles across to Nova Scotia and then on to the reunion. Each time the travel bug bit, I considered other forms of transportation, but I had come to refer to my bike as “my passport to adventure.” You can’t travel without a passport! Just finished my 14th major trip (three months plus). A delightful journey through Spain and Portugal with my wife Kat. You can see photos and posts at www.YellowTentAdventures.com.

How does it fit into your life now?

The bicycle plays an intricate part in our lives. We were part of the Washington State Vehicle Redistribution Program … our car was stolen. After I convinced Kat that I hadn’t arranged the theft, we decided not to replace the car. That was six years ago. So our bicycles are both travel and transportation vehicles.

What is bringing you to Tucson?

You can thank Steve Wilson (A local cyclist and former GABA president) for my coming down to Tucson. I’ve spoken for GABA club a couple of times. I had a free flight that was about to expire and contacted Steve and he arranged for the space for the show. He promised me it wouldn’t rain during my visit.

Will you have books to purchase and will you be signing them?

Yes. and Yes. I’ll have copies of my latest book, “Travels with Willie” and I’ll bring along a few copies of “Spokesongs
” as well.

Any thing else you would like to add?

My shows appeal to anyone with a sense of adventure. No need to be a bike club member or a serious cyclist. Bring your kids. Bring your mother-in-law. Bring your arm-chair-travel addicted uncle. Come on out and be entertained and inspired. Who knows? It could change your life.

Weir will be speaking at the Ward 6 City Council office at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 16. The office is located at 3202 E. First Street. Check out the event listing to add it your calendar or share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is an example of his presentations:

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