Make: GT
Model: Nomad
Color: Black with some red
Serial # : I don’t know – I screwed up.
Purchased: Craigslist
Where stolen: 5th and Country Club
Time: Between the evening of 7/16 and the morning of 7/17
Date: 7/16/11 or 7/17/11
Type of lock: None
Report #: 1107198508
Unique traits: 36 spoke rear wheel, black Giant pannier rack, Selle saddle on travelling seatpost

Theft description: Bicycle was taken between the evening of 7/16/11 and the morning of 7/17/11 from out front of my home.  I failed to put a lock on my bike that evening.

Contact the police and J.R. if you spot his bike.

2 thoughts on “Stolen bike: GT Nomad”
  1. How do you know it was stolen and not securely borrowed?  Someone might have just seen it there without a lock and realized that it could be stolen and moved it for you.  Nah, I’ll still go with the theory that your GF did an inside job…

  2. Thanks, Tucson Velo, and those who retweeted the ad.  I’ve been thinking – maybe there could be a page on the site where we can compile a list of possible places in town a stolen bike could turn up.  I’ve already been around to two pawn shops on Speedway and Play it Again Sports.  I even went by Bicas with a flyer – I’ve heard of them ending up in their stock, presumably by people who just took a bike for a joy ride.

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