Make: old 1970’s ish road bike
Model: [model]
Color: black (chipped due to chain lock)
Serial # : N/A
Purchased: built myself, rims (online), chainring, chains, tires, etc purchased at various bike shops and bicas
Where stolen: tucson, arizona
Time: between 6-9pm
Date stolen: 07/11/2011
Type of lock: thick chain lock
Report #: U1107110029 (UAPD report)
Unique traits: Black frame (paint was shipped due to my lock, black wtb seat, red weinmann deep v rims, custom bullhorn handle bars with black handle bar tape(with a pic of a little red frog as the handlebar cap) serfas tires, campo pedals with metal foot cages (black nylon straps)). Her name is ingrid.

Theft description: stolen outside of the optical sciences building at the university of arizona main campus between 6-9pm. my chain was cut while it was parked at the bike rack on the south west side of the bldg.

If you see the bike, contact the police and Joseph.

2 thoughts on “Stolen bike: Vintage black road frame”
  1. I lock my bike up at opsci pretty much everyday and I remember seeing your bike at the bike rack. How was the chain cut?

  2. I believe it was cut with some large bolts cutters because I had a pretty knarley chain. one of the links was on two pieces, and my lock was just lying on the ground :/

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