Be on the lookout for for this bike. If you see it, email Joy.

We just bought our daughter a bike two weeks ago for her to use at school (University of Arizona).  She was using a Kryptonite U-lock, but both the bike and lock are gone!  It is a gold/bronze color (butterscotch) Women’s Huffy Nel Lusso.  It has brown accents, including a brown seat with purple trim.  It also has a small black metal basket on the front, and an attached rack in the back.  The attached picture is of the bike when we bought it and it looks the same, except we removed the cup holder.  Please notify me if you do see it.

Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Stolen bike: Huffy Nel Lusso”
  1. Check Play it Again Sports they have been known to buy bikes without checking to see if bike is stolen.

  2. Clarence: Not sure what you are asking, but yes the bike was really stolen.

    Jim: Thanks so much for the suggestion! I have emailed all locations with a picture and description

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