If you spot this bike, please contact TPD. Here is the massage I received from Greta:

This small frame blue and white Novara touring/mountain bike hybrid was stolen from the West University neighborhood on Feb 17th. The handlebars had recently been replaced with black mustache bars that had not yet been re-wrapped; brakes and shifters were placed but not tightened. The paint job is pretty snazzy but the top tube has a dent in it. It’s a unique bike and some keen eyes should help me get this beauty back. Please call the TPD if you see it- Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Stolen bike: Novara touring bike”
  1. Michael, once again I am getting only the top half of the picture. This is typical of the stolen bike pics on your site, but not any other pics. I am on a new, faster, able to leap tall buildings, kind of computer now, too.

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