Make: Schwinn
Model: [model]
Color: grey
Serial # :0 38675 49692 7
Where stolen: University Blvd / Stone Ave
Time: 2:00am – 5:30pm
Date: 9/3/2011
Type of lock: U Lock
Report #: 1109038517

Theft description: My bike was stolen from a bike rack outside of my apartment on the corner of University Blvd and Stone Ave. All that remained of the bike was the front tire. It is a Schwinn 700C Tourist (model S4969TG) grey men’s hybrid 24 speed bicycle. The serial number is 0 38675 49692 7. I registered the bicycle with the University of Arizona Parking and Transportation Services, and the permit number for that is B10001071.

2 thoughts on “Stolen bike: Schwinn hybrid”
  1. Some more info in the narrative would improve the educational value of these posts.

    Red Star gets the impression that only the front wheel (and tire, obviously) was u-locked to the rack. If that’s accurate it would have been a simple matter for the thief to loosen the front brake and the quick release skewer and walk off with the bike or put it in the trunk of a waiting car, blowing off the front wheel.¬† That’s the wrong way to secure a bike…two u-locks (one securing the frasme and rear wheel) would have been better. Or, ideally and if possible, bring the bike inside at night. (yes, it’s true, Red Star slept with his surfboards years ago in SoCal)

    In any case, if the victim is a student living away from home, the parents’ homeowners policy may cover the loss…a couple phone calls on Tuesday might clear that up.

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