Make: Surly
Model: Long Haul Trucker
Color: Blue
Serial # :M11046288
Purchased: Ordinary Bike Shop
Where stolen: Century 20 Movie Theater at El Con Mall
Time: 3-5pm
Date: 1/1/13
Type of lock: Armored cable locks
Report #:

Unique traits: Bull horn bars, TT brakes, Thumbies shifters, pink cable end at front derailleur, mostly Shimano components, 62cm frame, campus pedals, and a silver rack on the rear.

Theft description: We went in to see an afternoon movie and the bikes were locked up in front of the ticket office windows where employees could see the bike rack (in a well-lit, public area) the whole time. When we talked to the manager, she said someone had called security about suspicious activity, but no one confronted the thief, and security arrived too late. There were two locks through the wheels and the frame of the bike.

3 thoughts on “Stolen bike: Surly Long Haul Trucker”
  1. Was loking for a phone number.  I worked with you on this bike at Bicas.  Just saw one or very similar out in front of Epic.  May have been smaller, i’m not sure.  LHT, bullhorns, interrupters, 26″ and it had a brooks on it.

  2. went to measure it and it was already gone.  I think the bars were black dimenions.  I would just watch that spot to see if it returns.  Again I’m not positive on the size.

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