Make: Orbea
Model: Orca
Color: White, Black, Red
Serial # :
Purchased: TriSports.Com
Where stolen: Cafe Luce, Tucson, AZ
Time: 10:30 am
Date: 4/23/12
Type of lock: none
Report #: 1204230282

Unique traits: Black Zipp 101 Wheels, decals on the  fork blades and rear stays, baby blue speedplay zero pedals

Theft description: A stocky gentleman in a bright red shirt, black backpack and backwards baseball hat grabbed my bike from the front area of Cafe Luce on Park Ave. He rode back through the parking lot and then took off on Tyndall. The valet at the Sheraton said he stopped briefly to toss my helmet on the ground before he took off again. TPD was notified immediately after we saw him ride around the corner on the bike.

5 thoughts on “Stolen bike: Orbea Orca”
  1. My bike was stolen after they broke into my store room and used my tools to cut the lock.

  2. Hi, I know it’s a long shot, but here’s a similar bike worth noting the features. Different wheelset (easy to swap), but the rest is hard to identify without more description in Velo log. Here’s link for owner to check out:
    Best wishes!

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