I just received this email from James:

Someone was smart enough to steal the two most recognizable bikes on
our property.

A Trek Mountain bike spray painted pink.

And a Home Made Long Bike or Xtra Cycle with a Cheap Gary Fisher Frame
Mountain Frame, Road Handle Bars, Grey and Light Blue.

ALSO, I just remembered – Two Sets of Pannier Bags, One set is two
aqua blue bags, the other bright orange set made by knog.
ALSO, I just remembered – I had a brand new, still in the box,
Continental Four Season 700×25 Tire purchased at Ordinary that I
hadn’t taken out of the bag yet.

The Picture is of the bike before it had two racks attached to it. I
don’t have a picture of the Trek. If you see them anywhere let me

Craigslist ad – http://tucson.craigslist.org/bik/1666646645.html

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