Tim sent me an email this evening saying he had two bikes stolen. Here are the details:

Surly Long Haul Trucker. Purchased in 2008. Green, 54cm frame, with
Bontrager tires (I think 700×28), a black rear rack (fairly certain it
is s Jandd Expedition), a metallic, small Nitto front rack. The decals
(saying “Surly” and “Long Haul Trucker,” etc.) have worn off, so the
frame is plain looking. It has red Fizik bar tape, and bar end
shifters. It has Shimano (I believe) pedals with a clipped surface on
one side and flat on the other. It also had a single yellow Ortlieb
pannier attached to the rack. It has an Ordinary Cycle sticker at the
intersection of the seat tube and the down tube. It has a black Brooks

Purple Burley Pine Grove, circa 2006. It is probably a 52cm or 54cm
frame. It has yellow Fizik bar tape, and Shimano 105 components all
around. It has plain platform pedals with cages (if memory serves. I
am pretty sure but not positive these pedals had cages). It has flat
spokes, though I don’t remember the brand of the wheels. Tires are
700×22 or thereabouts.

The bikes were stolen from my home today (11-April 2010) just north of
Speedway near the University medical center.

If you run across them, let me know and I’ll forward it on to Tim.

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