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Link roundup: March 28

From Minnesota to Mississippi, America Tells Congress to Preserve Bike-Ped Funding from Streetfilms on Vimeo.


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What's your take on electric bikes? According to a new report, there will be a lot of them on the road: ...... I rode one once. Felt like cheating...sort of a let-down at the end.  It's  boring to go that slow with a motor. Speed is its own incentive when you're working for it. Also feels out of place riding with all the self-propelled. It's all the hassle of biking without the benefit.  I suppose, though, environmentally they are good if folks use them for errands instead of cars; and all the better if that use leads to a real biking habit. I think we all ride for the health benefits to varying degrees and that's not there with the electrics.