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Outdoor magazine names Tucson best road-biking city

Tucson is the best city for road riding in the county, or so says Outside magazine in their August issue.

The designation was part of their Best Towns 2010 feature. The magazine looked for towns that allowed enthusiasts to participate in their sport, had affordable housing and good jobs and a low cost of living.

The article noted Tucson’s low unemployment, low living costs, low pollution, laid back mentality, vibrant art scene and more.

When it came to cycling, they noted the hundreds of miles of bike lanes, mountain ranges for climbing, temperate climate in the winter and the fact that professionals like Lance Armstrong and Team Radioshack train here in the winter.

They featured the Sam Hughes neighborhood as a great place to live and highlighted Tucson Velo as a resource for cyclists.

The magazine is starting to hit the racks. Pick up a copy and check it out.


Congratulations! Tucson has a great cycling scene. Thanks for your contributions.


Congrats to you!!! Yea Tucson, yea tucson velo!


Don't be so humble Mike! Outside names you a Hometown Hero in the article!


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