This week I biked north, south, west and east in Tucson, covering a lot of ground. However, I have to admit when I look at the map of all the areas I’ve not ridden, it feels a bit overwhelming.

On my bike ride to the north, I passed the wildest house I’ve seen so far. The entire house and yard was strewn with sculptures, many made of metal, some of trash and still others made of dirt.

I spent 20 minutes walking around taking photos and am sure I missed tons. There are several shots in the gallery below.

I’ve been thinking a lot about whether I should tell people where these wonderfully eclectic houses are, but worry that if others don’t discover them on their own, it may take some of the joy in finding them yourself Does giving away the locations defeat the purpose of exploration and discovery. What do you think?

Here are the stats for the week:

Total miles ridden: 151

Total new miles: 71

Percent of Tucson ridden: 42.1 up from 39.4 percent last week.

Here are a few random photos plus several from the sculpture house. Click the image for the uncropped version*

One thought on “EveryStreetTucson: July 17-23”
  1. Have been thinking of doing something similar, starting off doing the main roads from one end to the other. Bit overwhelming all the small side streets. Good luck on adventure.

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