The Himmel Park Library received a landscaping overhaul recently, which included several new bike racks.

The bike parking at the library was often full and the new racks offer about 16 new spaces.




2 thoughts on “Photos: New bike racks at Himmel Library”
  1. OK, I very much like incorporating art into the bike racks and bike corrals that are so important to facilitate more use of bicycles.  And I get the use of bike chain in this instance.  I do think the artists and designers of the racks should be more cognizant of how the racks are used.  We cyclists are leaning over our bikes connecting locks and chains – with our faces right in the same vicinity of the bike chain signs.  I don’t think a rusty, sharp-edged signing in this location on the racks works very well from a safety standpoint.

  2. Augsburg The edges are all smooth, polished bike chain. The designer (me) uses bike racks everyday. There’s plenty of room to get your bike lock through and around the art without coming in contact with the art.

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