Blue lines are the roads that have been ridden on.

Hi there, I’m Michael McKisson. Some of you may remember me as the journalist behind, which morphed to this site, During the roughly seven years I ran the site, I published almost 3,500 posts about biking in Tucson. In 2017 I stopped writing stories and focused on my family and full-time job. However, I didn’t stop riding my bike or being a journalist. I am hoping to get back to work on this site with some news articles as well as posts about my new project: #EveryStreetTucson.

I’m a long-time bicyclist and an even longer-time Tucsonan who always prefers getting where I am going on two wheels instead of four. Like most cyclists I prioritize safety, pavement quality and speed when deciding which route to take, which results in riding the same streets over and over. 

That all changed when I met Erik Binggeser, better known as @truemarmalade. He was spending the winter here and started trying to ride all the streets in Tucson. He eventually left to work on a project in Tempe, but managed to ride a bit more than 60 percent of Tucson. He showed me Wandrer, which analyzes streets you have and haven’t ridden based on GPS and I am taking up where he left off.

When I loaded up my old rides, I was shocked to discover that despite riding my bike in Tucson for more than 12 years, I had only ridden on about 25 percent of the 2,800 miles of Tucson roads and a fraction of the more than 15,000 miles in Pima County.

Starting in January 2022, I began riding new-to-me streets in an effort to ride all 2,800 miles of Tucson streets.

I am documenting the project using street photography, drone photos and GPS mapping. When finished, I plan to create a book of photos and facts about the various neighborhoods in the city. 

I’ve been posting photos from the project on both Twitter and Instagram under the hashtag #EveryStreetTucson, but will start posting them here as well.

In addition to photos, expect posts about the gear I am using, the relative ease I can move through neighborhoods that others may not have, which neighborhoods have the most loose dogs, the smell of other people’s dinner and much more.

I hope you enjoy the photos, stories and anecdotes, but mostly I hope this encourages you to get out and explore new parts of your own community.

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