A complaint from residents living near Hougton Road and Catalina Highway about cyclists blowing through the stop sign at the intersection will likely lead to targeted enforcement.

Pima County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Roher said the Sheriff’s department will likely spend some time there soon.

The route is popular among recreation cyclists looking for the challenge of climbing Mount Lemmon and attempting to escape the summer heat.

5 thoughts on “Complaint leads to likely enforcement”
  1. Fancy that. I was almost hit this morning by an automobile that rolled through that intersection while it was making a right hand turn onto Catalina Highway.

  2. I was yelled at there for not stopping recently…when I stopped! The vocal minority needs to go worry about real problems instead of power-tripping on cyclists.

  3. Maybe we should get proactive and call and complain to the sheriffs about motor vehicles every time a vehicle does something against the law or wrong. Will the sheriff’s go out and enforce traffic laws for motor vehicles then?

  4. I want to know where to file a complaint against that whole neighborhood for being anti-bike.  Don’t hate-crime laws apply to this?  They show blatant hatred for all things pedalled.  They blocked the public will by stopping the construction of the parking lot at the base of the mountain and anywhere else in their whole enclave.  They’re crying about bikes running stop signs now?  It’s a red herring, we all know 100 cars run a stop sign for every bike that does.  Those people are shmoes and the rest of the city needs to spank them until they cry.

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