According to KGUN9, the police have made an arrest in the hit-and-run crash that injured a Tucson cyclist on Friday.

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11 thoughts on “Police make arrest in hit-and-run crash”
  1. An auto glass tech went to her house to install a new windshield she ordered.  He called 911 after completing the job because of the hair and blood

  2. If that’s true, the girl is in pretty deep slam-dunk trouble.

    Memo to motorists: whatever happened, stay at the scene.

  3. I’m encouraged that TPD appears not to have failed on this one – unlike what we’ve come from experience to expect, they:
    Didn’t slap the injured innocent victim with a bogus ticket
    Actually opened an investigation
    When she was found, they actually arrested the driver on serious charges!
    Hopefully this is representative of a shift in attitude at TPD.

  4. That’s just sad – I hope he’s doing better. The girl looks like she didn’t have any plans on getting caught, whatsoever. I mean, she immediately drove to a car repair shop to hide the evidence! Damon did the right thing – if he were to keep that broken glass, he could have been framed up, too!

  5. Thank goodness, the guy called 911, else the girl could have escaped to hit another biker on the road. There are still nice people out there, really.

  6. That’s right. Running away will only make matters worse. If the accident is just that, an accident, then the situation would not be so problematic. But trying to evade responsibility over an accident adds another wrong move to a perpetrator’s repertoire.

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