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Montana legislator and bar owner defends DUIs as part of Montana’s way of life. Via Tucson Bike Lawyer.





2 thoughts on “Link roundup: April 4”
  1. Seriously, they’ve never heard of a designated driver? BTW, was in Montana recently, and in the town I visited, there was no problem with biking to the bar or walking to the bar. There was also an EXCELLENT bus system. Smaller than my town of LA, but it was a very nice bus system. There are many solutions to not driving drunk. This lawmaker needs a reality check.

  2. Well, Rumsey and the Rincons and hopefully Chuys do things differently now than they used to. You can give this guy ‘some credit’ (from Tucsonbikelawyer) for old thinking if you want to, but the reason for ecouraging this behavior has gone the way of the cow poke on a horse.

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