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4 thoughts on “Link roundup: August 12”
  1. “My First Bike Wreck”
      very well-documented and a lucky rider, really.
    The in-line cracks and break-ups are the bane of riding in Tucson. Your eye doesn’t pick them out of the surrounding asphalt like a transverse crack or pot hole.
    Maybe there should be a ranking of the worst sections of road by riders.
    We really shouldn’t have to suffer SO MUCH for our passion.

  2. Looking at this particular location it would appear that a street cut and a bad subsequent repair were at fault.  As I ride over those soft wide patches of asphalt at 5th street and 5th avenue I wonder will the city hold the contractor responsible for an adequate fix for the roadway once the temporary becomes permanent?  The nature of buried utility infrastructure is repeated damage to roadways to gain access.  The vast majority of the repairs are not enduring, linear tyre trapping cracks oftentimes being the result.  That’s a bad feeling, riding along and then suddenly you’re on the ground wondering what happened.  On a positive note the city has stopped using the older curb design with the dissimilar materials edge, concrete and asphalt.  They now build a lower concrete extension and pave over it almost flush to the curbing eliminating the inevitable crack that’s often smack dab in the middle of a narrow bike lane.  

  3. I think there is a need for a site where cyclists can document their accidents/injuries. We really don’t have much of an idea of things that are causing serious problems and how many riders are experiencing injuries.

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