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3 thoughts on “Link Roundup: August 27”
  1. See this: http://twitter.com/edcantrell/status/22330924165

    What’s up with buses? I was almost squeezed out by bus as it was overtaking me to a bus stop @ UMC. Had to stop and pass the bus! This happened today sometime before 5pm The above accident happened before 4pm today! Was it because of KGUN tv story and those bus drivers decided to give frak about those cyclists? I was in bike lane on campbell ave near that bus stop! When I passed the bus on the left, the driver looked away from me.

  2. Forgot to mention that it was route #20 bus and I wasn’t able to get that 4 digit nbr. on back of the bus because I had to stop and look back before I pass the bus. The bus driver was a female and had long blond or brown hair.

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