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6 thoughts on “Link roundup: February 10”
  1. Red Star I say he sounds like an insurance person trying to save his industry some money by scaring us into staying home on the sofa. Picture me giving him the finger.

  2. @zz Red Star  I read this one differently, preferring to find irony… the writer’s incensed about what he considers a light sentence and is calling out the courts for sending us the message we’re not wanted on the roads.

  3. @Suzanne Red Star Had Hernandez crashed into a car, killed the driver and fled the scene, would prosecutors have pushed harder, we don’t know.
    How hard could it have been to prove this case at a full charge or was it just a time saver for the prosecution to take the plea at the lesser charge. Several interpretations….but somebody deserves the finger.

  4. @Suzanne Perhaps. But note that Arizona Daily Star policy is “All submissions become the property of the Arizona Daily Star.” And, equally important, note that ADS titled the writer’s letter (its property) “Sentence in cyclist’s death an alert to riders.” That is a pretty darn emphatic, unambiguous statement. An alternative title ADS could have used would be:

    Sentence in cyclist’s death an alert to riders?
    Note the question mark which might carry-through the irony, the nuance, you presume. But ADS chose not to do that. 
    ADS is advocating that cyclists stay off the road. 
    What say you, would The Arizona Daily Star’s advice to cyclists make things better or worse? 
    (without going into the local car dealers who bankroll ADS)

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