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3 thoughts on “Link roundup: June 23”
  1. Here’s my comment on the women riding bike blog discussion (

    All good ideas as to what hinders women from cycling, but speaking as a
    51 year old woman who cycles, but not as much as I’d like, I can add
    some other reasons that may be stronger (ones that hinted
    about in the blog):

    1) Women do take on more of the
    responsibility of childcare chores, which as you’ve pointed out does
    include multiple trips and transporting children to their various needs.

    2) There are more women raising children alone, so they alone must deal
    with all the kids needs including transporting them from one end of town
    to the other and being there for them while they sleep etc.

    my son was old enough to feel confident riding his bike, we both biked
    to school and work. I cycle to work and sponge bath, but some folks
    wouldn’t want to do that. I’m lucky that I live where there are many
    bike lanes and paths that work into my route (Tucson), but there is also
    traffic–just hones my skills.

    The major problem for me, as a
    single mother, is balancing the responsibilities of motherhood with my
    desire to ride. Those 6 and 7am recreational rides just don’t work–who
    will look after the kid? (It’s hard to get a sitter at that hour plus I
    can’t afford to pay one that often, and I don’t feel comfortable leaving
    him alone asleep in the house–he just turned 11.)

    In the
    summer when it is over 100 degrees every day, my son’s camp is 8 hilly
    miles from our house to the east and my work is 8 miles to the southwest
    from my house. But it just takes too much time (including cleaning up
    and dressing) and
    is just a bit too many hilly miles to do the whole thing as a commute
    in this heat. The camps start later and end earlier than school days so
    work day is already compromised. At the beginning of June, we did ride
    to his camp and I rode back home on the days I could work at home (and
    in the hot afternoon picked him and the bike up with the car), but
    because he is out in the heat running around all day, now he no longer
    wants to do even the morning ride. So, when do I fit in a ride? Weekends
    would work if it wasn’t hotter than Hades by 8am–kids sleep in on the

    So, a big part of women’s issues in cycling isn’t just
    about the traffic or looks, but rather logistics and responsibility. I
    guess money could fit into it–to cover childcare or a chauffeur!

  2. The next-to-last link, about the photographer’s dream job, the bike is a BMW that replaced a Buell. Neither were bicycles, but motorcycles with 1 liter or larger engines. Just a FYI

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