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2 thoughts on “Link roundup: June 24”
  1. Two weeks ago, the Santa Cruz path looked like it was about three weeks away from completion to Camino del Cerro. They were working on the final three bridges and connections for the last ¼ mile.
    And this just in….looks like it might be done.

     ….”all you do is head west on the south bank of the Rillito (and this would be west of Camino de la Tierra crossing) and right before you get to the RR tracks there is a ramp that takes you down to the river-bottom level. This leads to a (rough) paved path that takes you under both the RR and I-10 and you resurface on the west side by the pecan orchard. From there, there is a new paved path that heads south and winds its way behind a couple of businesses and eventually takes you to a crossing at El Camino Del Cerro. You then follow a path on the south side of ECDC that heads west and connects to a new path system on the west bank of the Santa Cruz and you can take this new path all the way to A-Mountain.”

    Looks like a mountain bike exploratory ride is in order.

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