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4 thoughts on “Link roundup: November 8”
  1. Red Star
     I think it’s a matter of car drivers far outnumber cyclists in the lawmaking and justice systems.  They fear being “harshly” penalized for a moment of inattention.  The worst part is that even drunk drivers get off easy.

  2. 3wheeler Red Star I was struck by that closing sentence too, if we all just stop running stop signs then they’ll stop killing us in justified retribution?  I think it’s the sign of a repressed minority when we start thinking that if only we could all just be really good then they’d stop killing is.  Huh?  That short documentary of the American in Amsterdam was interesting because of the comments.  The Dutch commenters kept posting that you guys don’t get it.  We can ride safely in the door zone because all cyclists are drivers and vice versa.  Nobody opens door into the path of cyclists because they’re all cyclists.  That really was an od op-ed.

  3. @Orvis 3wheeler Red Star 
    That anyone would mention cyclists running stop signs as a major safety concern is a sign of ignorance and envy.  It is a well known fact that the majority of cyclists roll thru stop signs, yet we rarely see collisions caused by that behavior.  People who don’t ride a bike can’t fathom that fact.  Bikes are not the same as cars.  They may be classified as the same under the laws of most states, but the fact is they are very different.

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