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5 thoughts on “Link roundup: October 28”
  1. Bicycles Are Outselling Cars in Europe

    Several observations about Lily Kuo’s piece. First, trends and charts for European car leases are not presented. Second, trends and charts for Europe’s used car market are not presented. Third, the piece doesn’t indicate where in the world the increased bike production is going — developing countries, or Europe? (in many developing countries a bike is huge step up)

    In other words, be careful out there in the land of trends and charts…

  2. A few years ago bike fatalities spiked one year and no one could explain. It just could be that this was a not-so-lucky year for reckless people. If you drive the tiniest bit in this town, you see the chances that are taken by peds (bikes, too). They don’t consider themselves to be a part of traffic. Is this number high or low for metro areas Tucson’s size. We don’t know form the marginal article, just that it’s high for Tucson. Is there really an infrastructure problem? How can a city afford to address all of the possible hazardous spots for crossing streets. If the count goes back down to average next year, will that be deemed a great success? Results are nebulous and governments are lousy at fixing carbon units. So we form another committee to advise the citizenry to stop, look and cross when it’s safe.

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