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One thought on “Link Roundup: September 15”
  1. Regarding this article: Two-wheeled traffic calming

    Now you see why I am not fan of road widening! I do wish we can tell Tucson to cancel the Grant Road widening but improve the existing Grant Road without widening. I do not give frak if they need to get from A to B in FAST and short time! They need to step back and slow down a little because it does not make a difference since they will be stopping too often at each lights. My dad once told me to calm down when I told him to speed up that I am getting late for work! Surprisingly, I wasn’t late for work!

    Calming can help you be alert and avoid accidents. I do believes that Tucson Pima BAC should recommend COT, PAG and RTA to abandon widening roads in the cities, just start making them LIVABLE STREET!

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