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2 thoughts on “Link Roundup: September 16”
  1. Police aim for safer biking, walking

    Last night, After I was at Whole Food Market, I biked east on speedway, I passed a police cruiser in cherry ave southbound right lane waiting to turn right and there was a cyclist on sidewalk on nw corner (he’s going wrong way on sidewalk) waiting right in front of police car. He does not have bike light and the police didn’t do anything. Then the same police car passed me by… and turned right into 7-11 parking lot to meet up with other police car. Before I passed them , I turned my head to left and saw a male cyclist on sidewalk about to cross Park and no bike light! He was going westbound. Both didn’t use bike lane. So it is limited to this 10 officers involved in enforcement push.

    Why can’t TPD tell them that they can pull them over and ticket them since they have free time to chat with each other in parking lot!

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