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A man riding a bicycle was reportedly shot several times by men wielding a BB gun on Tucson’s eastside this weekend. 

Reports of the attach surfaced online in the popular “Weird Things You’ll Only See in Tucson” group, but has since been taken down. 

Tucson News Now interviewed the victim, Jodecy Winzer, who said he was riding near Speedway Boulevard and Wilmot Road when he was shot. 

According to the original post on Facebook, the suspects were driving a white Monte Carlo. 

Here’s a snippet from the article (Click the link to see the full video and story):

Winzer has been riding his bike for a while, but he never expected anything like this to happen to him.

“I’ve only dealt with people, you know kind of being rude when it comes to traffic stuff. Not gun violence. That has never been an issue for me. Stuff like that just kind of makes you not want to ride a bike; makes you feel like you can be a target, you know? It could be a real gun next time. I mean that could be my life,” he said.

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