A Tucson cyclist was assaulted by several teens and had his bike stolen on the Santa Cruz bike path last week.

Dean Gray wrote in an email that the bike jacking took place late Sunday Dec. 18 as it started to rain.

Here is what Dean posted on Craigslist trying to find his bike:

On Sunday late evening Dec 18th I was assualted by 3-4 teens on the west Santa Cruz bikepath near St. Mary’s road.

I was knocked down and kicked in the back and my bicycle was stolen.

It was/is a mid-eighties Puegeot mountain bike. Here’s the description: Black scuffed up lugged frame, nitto dirtdrop stem , chrome bars , leather grips, Brooks B-66 sprung leather saddle, sugino black powder coated triple crank, Ultegra dueraillers, Suntour thumb shifters, black Sunlite front rack, aluminum silver rear rack, Alex black semi-aero rims, Conti tires , silver Tektro canti brakes, red Jannd panniers and a black Jannd trunk bag on the rear .

I built up the bike over a period of about five years and it was my sole means of transportation. Please let me know if you see it. It’s probably around the St. Mary’s –Grande area. The photos I have are not great , but they should give you an idea. Please call 248.5056 if you see it. thanks–Dean

Dean said he filed a report with Tucson Police Department and Pima County Parks and Recreation, but hasn’t heard back from  the Tucson Police Department.

If you see his bike call the police and Dean.

17 thoughts on “Bike jacking on Santa Cruz River Path”
  1. If anyone has the contact info for Dean, I would like to coordinate getting him a new bike.  Thanks.  Damion

  2. Does TPD still have a bike patrol unit?

    Do COT and Pima County have have any kind of plan to mitigate crime anywhere on this Huckleberry Loop?

  3. TPD doesn’t have a bike patrol unit anymore.  That was shut down because of budget issues.

  4. Yes, that’s Red Star’s vague recollection —  budget issues. And yet TPD  continues to tout its bike unit at its website…

    One would think Tucson Pima BAC (and its members, TPD, for example) would form a sub-committee, but they can’t even get a quorum…

  5. a friend of mines daughter came out of the house, saw a car”drifting ” in the intersection, hit her mothers parked rental car…Neighbors on both sides saw and kid lived 5 houses down the street…TPD never responded, said no victims…after 2 months never even spoke to witnesses…They are a joke

  6. Governments are slow to update their websites.  That’s nothing new and is also not a surprise given the budget constraints.  I highly doubt that paying for someone to update their website is something that ranks highly in the budget.  After all, it’s more likely that it’s of more concern to put more officers on the street.

    I’m not sure how a BAC subcommittee is going to get more cops on the streets or  back on bikes. As for a quorum, people are free to participate if they want to insure a quorum.

    I’d like more cops to be on streets so that they’d respond more quickly  when I or my neighbors call in about gun shots.  I do realize, though, that I am only one person in a city of over one half million.  Simple analysis reveals that in a city that large in a city with a high crime rate, with sub-optimal staffing levels, there may be other citizens who also need help when I call.  Likewise, the police are likely to be engaged elsewhere.  That’s why I vote to support funding of police and other emergency services.  Apparently, a majority of voters in our town don’t feel the same way.

  7. So, be aware out there. No i-anything…except your own eyes and ears…best defense.  Chances of some kind of useful patrol for the loop are pretty slim. I’d like to see something because it is a vunerable area.  Saw some bike patrol at the street fair, but they could have been just for the special event.

  8. Dean’s number is:248-5056.This has devasted him.His bike was his pride and joy,apart from being his only transportation.He’s a good soul.No one desrves this,least of all such a good guy…

  9. Any word on Dean’s injuries? Is he ok? It makes me so sad to hear about this assault. No one deserves this but Dean is a friend and knowing how great of a person he is makes the news even worse! He is a very talented craftsman and I sure hope this won’t impede on his ability to work.

    I agree that we need to pull together and get him another bike, but I know that he loved THAT bike and I want us to keep a lookout and see if we can find the Peugeot. He had everything dialed in just the way he wanted it, and another bike isn’t going to be the same. My touring Bianchi Steely Dan was stolen once. I honestly was so heartbroken it felt like someone had died. There is hope though. Erik posted about it on Tucson Bike Lawyer we were able to find it through multiple people keeping an eye out.

    Also I am not a violent person by any means but I sure would like to give those guys a good swift kick in the…..It scares me too because the Santa Cruz path is part of my current commute and I often ride it late at night.

  10. Thank you all for your support. I’m doing Ok, just a little sore still. The cycling community in Tucson is awesome to say the least–dg

  11. I somehow missed this in all the holiday fuss and only heard about it yesterday.  I am glad you are doing well Dean!  What a huge blow not just to have a bike stolen from you but ripped away in such a violent manner.  I got knocked off my bike by some thugs in a car once and it really messed with me. I’ve got lots of pretty sweet spare parts lying around so let me know if you need anything in particular — I may be able to scare one up.  Do you need a Brooks saddle?  –Erik Ryberg

  12. Which bank, which side?  Barrio Hollywood/Menlo or the I-10 side?  North or south of the St Mary’s bridge.  

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