Tucson is set to get another bike business in the coming months.

BikeShopHub.com, an online retailer of bike commuter products, will be relocating to Tucson this spring. The company is currently located in Flagstaff.

BikeShopHub’s owner Josh Lipton said the move should benefit him personally and professionally. He and his wife both have family here and the larger cycling community should help with business even though the majority of its sales are online.

Lipton said currently about 95 percent of their sales are online orders, but he believes the bigger cycling community here might increase local sales.

He said they won’t have a traditional retail outlet, instead they will have a small showroom with the goods they sell and an order desk for people to purchase their items.

Lipton said they will begin moving the company in March and are looking for a warehouse near downtown or the University of Arizona.

Check back tomorrow for a story about BikeShopHub’s project to get people out of their cars.

7 thoughts on “BikeShopHub.com moving to Tucson in spring”
  1. Oh awesome! I’ve been trying to figure out how to carry lumber on my bike for a while now. Do they have any trailers for that?

  2. Hooray for anyone coming to Tucson with a project for getting people out of their cars. Lately it has been illustrated how sensitive traffic flow is to any disruption in the pattern. Around the U of A and construction areas downtown and beyond we’re experiencing “5o’clock traffic” at 3:30. I take joy and pride in passing a line of grid-locked vehicles!

  3. Preach it, Zeez.

    I was biking through campus at around 9 a.m. on Tuesday. Place looked like Carmageddon. It was quite fun to just blitz past the stopped cars on my little bicicleta.

  4. You can hear the screeching voices and loud music a couple of blocks away from The District, aka The Disgust.

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