The crash occurred at Ajo Highway and Soledad Avenue, which is about a mile east of Kinney Road.

A cyclist was struck and killed by a motorist on Ajo Highway early Saturday morning.

The crash occurred at 1 a.m. Saturday morning near the intersection of Ajo Highway and Soledad Avenue according to Arizona Department of Public Safety public information officer Carriek Cook.

The cyclist, Craig Lewis, 47 was riding westbound when Samatha Baldwin, 23, allegedly crossed into the shoulder, striking and killing Lewis.

Cook said he believed alcohol was involved and a Pima County Attorney arrived at the scene to direct the investigation.

“That’s not uncommon when there are criminal charges if they are available because they can direct us or give us advice on how to do the investigation to their liking because they are the ones that have to try it,” he said.

Pima County Deputy and Tucson-Pima County Bicycle Advisory Committee liaison, Ryan Roher was not on duty when the crash occurred, but communicated with a deputy who was at the scene.

According to Roher, Baldwin and a passenger, Juliana Guzman, 21, fled the scene and were stopped by Pima County deputies several miles from the crash.

Roher said both women were arrested because deputies believed the women traded places in the car after the crash occurred.

Roher said a deputy at the scene could not determine if the cyclist was riding with lights because the bike was completely destroyed.

“The way people described to me, it was pretty awful as far as wrecks go,” he said.

The speed limit along Ajo Highway is 55 miles per hour.

Editor’s note: I am working with DPS to get more details including the police report. 

21 thoughts on “Cyclist killed in crash on Ajo Highway; Driver and passenger arrested”
  1. My prayers go out to the family of the cyclist involved.  I hope TPD throws the book at these two.  I know accidents happen but there is no excuse for leaving the scene of a accident and if these two were indeed driving drunk we need to start making an example out of these.  No life is worth losing over a few alcoholic beverages.

  2. Reading the local daily, I knew 2 hikers had died, a woman died in a roll-over, a man died crashing his car into a pole, Robin Gibb had died.
    Could be coincidence or just where my attention has been lately, but it seems bicycle relevance  has gone down the tubes.
    Thanks for being here, Mike. 

  3. You are welcome, ZZ. I only got it because of a tip. DPS is not really broadcasting this and the timing makes it so the news outlets probably wouldn’t be listing to scanners. 

  4. Could you please call me at 5203603584. I am his brother please call me thanks

  5. When there aren’t enough pieces of the bike to tell if it was equipped with a light, that is one violent bike wreck. The only thing that was good about it would be a wreck that violent is usually an instant death, or unconsciousness if death wasn’t instant.

  6. I worked with Craig, he bicycled from the Casino del Sol to Oro Valley everyday he worked.  It hurts that he is gone but at least his family should be able to lawyer up and go after these girls and the bar that over served them drinks.  He will be missed

  7. He was my uncle…. and a very good man! He loved cycling and lived for it!! thank you all for your support! I wished ther
    e was an update on the fate of the ladies responsible! The family is still waiting!

  8. I don’t know if there is anyone still out there following this but here is an update. My name is Karen Clark, Craig Lewis was my brother. 11 months ago my brother was killed by a drunk driver. The two people involved in his death, the one that left my brother dead or dying that night has been in jail waiting sentencing since january. There was a plea bargin for dui on leaving the scene.  manditory 4 months. she will probibly only do the 5 months,   The person that hit and killed my brother has her sentencing today. Also a plea bargin she faces up to 12 yers but will only porbibly get 6 and only have to do 85% of that.I will post in the morning with the results of todays sentencing.

  9. Karen Clark  (and other family of Craig Lewis)

    Thanks for the update and your thoughts and feelings about this! Too often these sad events fall through the media crack and the slip through the courts. It might be difficult to see at this time, but you are doing the right thing for your late brother and the other cyclists…that’s love.

  10. Red Star Karen Clark Well said. This is one area I really want to figure out a better way to keep the community updated. 
    Please do let us know what the outcome is, Karen.

  11. Karen Clark 
    Thank you for the update, Karen. Almost a year of waiting for any closure…I hope it brings you all some ease for the grief. The person who committed  this crime should do the maximum sentence allowable. And our legal system should do much more to protect those who walk, or ride a bicycle.

  12. Thanks everyone for still being here.  Yesterday was the sentencing for Samantha Baldwin the driver of the car that struck my Brother Craig.  She was supposed to be taken to trial up till the 11th hour we were told this but  a plea bargen was given which the max time ie 12 yrs.  presumptive is 6 she got only 4 1/2  which is actually 3yrs and some months. 5 yrs probation which means maybe 1 yr of that will be intencive . It is a sham of a legal system we have. but it is done.  The other girls sentencing is next month plea bargin for her was manditory 4 months she will have spent 5 mo in jail by the time her sentencing hearing. Doubt she will get more. So yes the healing needs to start I will not be going to that court date.  I miss my brother so much and he would be mad at me for not allowing my self time to heal. It is said that arizona has the toughest dui punishments.We still fall way short’. Once again thanks to all Craigs friends. The family is good.

  13. One more thing. The people here at VELO i know you reported this story even before we were allowed to know most of the info. maybe you could do a more indepth report on this. there is much more but to much for me.  These laws that we have need to be upheld better and some even changed. How do we start.

  14. Karen Clark  “How do we start.” You have already started. Your brother’s death was not an isolated incident not even in Tucson, not a “one time thing.” It happens each and every day in US and elsewhere…Google “bicyclist death blog” and you will find this to be true. Go to those cyclist blogs and newspapers worldwide that report of cyclist deaths similar to your brother’s and tell your story in the comments section just the way you have here. Link back to this Tucson Velo story. And yes, of course, “we” could do the same.
     But be careful, maybe. This may or may not be the way for you to heal: that is a very personal, complex and profound process.

  15. this girl that killed my brother was full of excusses saying that ahe went to counsleing since the accident. and that she hit him cause it was dark, and that someone was passing her in the left lane. but anyone that has drove that road knows how wide the shoulder is.

  16. Ms. Baldwin tryd to stand up and tell us that she grieves for us every day and that she takes full responceability for her actions, if that was true she should of asked the judge for the max 12 years of the plea deal. And Arizona has the nerve to say they are the stricktest state when it comes to DUI’s

  17. Karen Clark Karen I worked with your brother and I have to say he was one the kindest people I have met in my life. Everyone who worked with him who I still talk to was really stunned and devastated by his passing. One of my friends was really close with him and was working with him at his last restaurant and was the last person to talk to him before he left work that night he was killed. Your brother definitely touched a lot of people. I cant believe that girl got off so easy…

  18. Karen Clark sorry for the super late night unintelligible grammar and spelling

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