For the upcoming year, El Grupo, will be riding with a big name in cycling behind them.

At the beginning of February, Carmichael Training Systems signed on to sponsor the youth cycling team for the year, but Jason Tullous Tucson’s Trainright general manager and head coach said he hopes the sponsorship will continue beyond the year.

“Right now it is setup for the term of the year,” Tullous said. “I hope that it continues to go longer. This is something I would like to see as a long term relationship.”

El Grupo coach, Ignacio Rivera de Rosales, said people are starting to notice what El Grupo is doing and the donations and sponsorships are starting to reflect that.

According to Rivera de Rosales, Carmichael Training Systems have provided the group with indoor trainers. They will also allow the team to use pop-up trailers for events, provide VO2 and lactic threshold testing as well as support the team with training schedules and help out on rides. They may even allow some of the riders to participate in their camps is they have open slots.

Tullous said they also donated a little money to help with tires and entry fees for races.

Carmichael Training Systems moved here two and half years ago, but Tullous said they haven’t been as involved with the community as they would have liked.

“In El Grupo and how their program is going, it offers us as coaches a really good opportunity to be involved not only with the club, but with the growth of younger riders,” Tullous said.

Rivera de Rosales said they will help Carmichael Training in any way they can, including putting their logo on El Grupo’s jerseys and helping out at the grand opening of their new store. But Tullous said they don’t expect a lot in return.

“Really, they are the future of the sport and if we can help develop them in some matter, that is what we see as the greatest benefit,” Tullous said. “El Grupo has been developing over the years. They have grown a lot. I think they are at a good point where our help can help them make the next move in the direction they are going.”

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