Three months after a Tucson bike shop owner died from a lengthy battle with heart failure, his family has decided to close the shop.

Steve Vihel and his shop, There & Back Bicycles, focused on utility cyclists. Vihel quickly became known as a lovable owner who wanted people to fall in love with cycling like he had.

Family friend,¬†Karen Lutrick, said the family decided to close the shop and sell the remaining inventory to help pay Vihel’s outstanding medical bills.

“We are so very grateful for the incredible support There & Back Bikes and Steve Vihel received from Tucson & the bike community,” Lutrick wrote. “It is with sadness that we announce the closing of There and Back Bikes. All proceeds from the shop will go to paying off Steve’s outstanding medical bills.”

Everything in the shop is on clearance, including bikes, bags, helmets and parts.

Lutrick said they will close when all of the remaining stock is sold out. If things don’t get sold, they will take them to the GABA Bike Swap on April 15 and try to get rid of them there.

They will hold one more Bike to Work Breakfast like Vihel hosted each month to give back to cyclists who choose to ride their bike to work on March 21.

Read more about Vihel and who he was here.


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