Contractors have reopened the entire stretch of Fourth Avenue from University Boulevard to Toole Avenue.

A portion of University Boulevard between Bean Avenue and Fourth Avenue, which means you can only access the intersection from the North, South and West.

As you can see from the photo above, heading south on Fourth Avenue is particularly tight because the track bends closer to the parking to make the turn easier on the streetcar.

There is also a nest of tracks at 8th Street and Fourth Street making turing onto or from Eighth Street a little tricky.

Check out the photo.


A lot of cyclists have been using alternate routes to head south into downtown while the road was under construction. Will you revert back to Fourth Avenue or continue to use alternate routes into downtown?

4 thoughts on “Fourth Avenue totally reopened to traffic”
  1. I’ve taken to heading south on 4th Avenue to 2nd Street, hanging a right on 2nd and picking up that alley. I think it’s Hoff or Herbert. Name begins with “H”.

    Any-hoo, you can take that alley down to 6th and wait for a break in the traffic. It continues south to that frontage road that runs along the UP tracks.

    Or you can go through the parking lot of that big bar and come out on 4th for a fun-filled trip through the underpass. Walk or ride your bike. Your call.

    And that’s my 4th Avenue Avoidance Route.

  2. I used 3rd before 4th was closed anyway. The smooth pavement is nice, but getting doored doesn’t sound too fun either.

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