Two subcommittees of the Tucson-Pima County Bicycle Advisory Committee hope to draft a long-range vision for bicycling in Tucson.

The downtown and facilities subcommittees held a joint meeting Thursday to start discussing the vision.

Larry Robinson, the chair of the facilities subcommittee, said the goal is to figure out what the region needs and wants in order to move bicycling forward.

Ian Johnson, chair of the downtown subcommittee, said in an ideal world they would be able to afford a research-based master plan created by a professional firm, but due to the finite resources available that isn’t possible.

Johnson said he felt like it was important to decide what the priority for the region is.

“Is it platinum?” Johnson said. “Is it increased ridership?”

He said once that question was answered, the committee could begin hashing out what type of facilities would be needed to reach the goal.

The committees decided to move on from the item, but plan on revisiting the plan in future meetings.

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